Code of Fun and Inclusive Conduct

Respect and High Fives for All:

At Hand in Hand Festival, we believe in having a fantastic time while treating each other with respect. Whether you’re an attendee, performer, staff member, or volunteer, let’s give each other a jolly good high five and spread the good vibes to everyone, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other personal characteristic.

No Party Poopers Allowed:

Discrimination, harassment, and any form of negative energy are strictly off-limits. This means leaving behind racial slurs, sexist comments, derogatory language, or any behaviour that dampens the mood and makes others feel unwelcome or unsafe. We’re here to celebrate, so let’s make it a splendid and inclusive experience for all!

Creating a Safe and Enjoyable Venue:

Our priority is to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all festival-goers. We won’t tolerate any behaviour that puts others’ safety at risk. So let’s keep the good vibes flowing, be mindful of our actions, and look out for one another, ensuring a secure atmosphere for everyone to enjoy in our venue.

Cheers to Good Times:

Whilst attending performances and workshops, we kindly request that you enjoy non-alcoholic beverages to fully immerse yourself in the magic of the moment. However, when it’s time to let loose and celebrate, feel free to raise your glass to the good times available at our designated bars within the festival venue!

Rock the Stage, Stay Sober:

During performances and workshops, we encourage participants to bring their A-game by staying drug and alcohol-free. This way, we can fully embrace the music, connect with the music, and dive into the experience with clear minds and open hearts. Get ready to dance like nobody’s watching!

Respect the Festival Venue:

We expect everyone to treat the festival, venue and its surroundings with care and respect. Let’s party responsibly and avoid any behaviour that could cause damage to property or equipment. Together, we’ll keep the festival venue looking splendid and ready for more good times.

Party Within the Law:

It’s all about keeping the celebration legal! We expect all attendees, performers, staff, and volunteers to party within the boundaries of local, national, and international laws. Let’s have a rocking time while respecting the rules and ensuring a harmonious festival experience for everyone.

Spread the Fun, Share Feedback:

If you witness or experience anything that enhances or detracts from the festival experience, we encourage you to share your feedback with a staff member or volunteer. Your input helps us create an even more enjoyable event for everyone. We value your thoughts and want to ensure that the festival remains a remarkable experience for all.

By attending the Hand in Hand Festival, you agree to embrace this code of fun and inclusive conduct. Remember, breaking this code may lead to consequences, such as being asked to take a breather from the festivities. So let’s dance, laugh, and celebrate music, diversity, and all the wonderful things at Hand in Hand Festival!