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Get notified about important updates, schedule changes, and reminders. You’ll only receive messages from Hand in Hand Festival admins, ensuring your notifications are relevant and valuable.

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Only our admins can post in this group, so you won’t be bombarded with messages from other members. This keeps your notifications focused and to the point.

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We’ll post about available workshops, spotlights, sneak peeks, t-shirt sales, and general reminders and highlights. While this isn’t the only way to get Hand in Hand Festival updates, it’s a fun and convenient way to stay connected.

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Important messages will also be posted on our website and/or sent via email. You won’t miss any essential information by not joining the WhatsApp group, but you might miss out on some of the fun and timely updates.

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Joining our WhatsApp Announcements Group is simple. Click on the link in this article or scan the QR code displayed on this page.

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