Brighton Rox

Long, long ago in Covid times we sang safely distanced in the park, in the rain, videoing ourselves by a disused train, and dreamt of performing as Brighton Rox. We’re… Continue reading Brighton Rox


Quavors – Queer Voices of South London. We are eight singers who originate from all over but have now settled in South London. We came together in Summer 2023, as… Continue reading Quavors


Introducing the Barberfellas, a charming barbershop chorus with a delightful twist, based right here in London! We’re not just your ordinary singing group; we’re a close-knit bunch of friends who… Continue reading Barberfellas

Sing With Pride

We proudly present the Norwich LGBT+ Community Choir, a harmonious gathering open to all. Our voices blend together, resonating with celebration of diversity and a resolute commitment to challenging inequality.… Continue reading Sing With Pride

Rebelle Voices

Introducing ourselves as Rebelle Voices, we are an inclusive choir based in London, dedicated to LGBTQ+ women and non-binary individuals. Our choir operates on a non-auditioning basis, welcoming anyone who… Continue reading Rebelle Voices