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We need your help

We’re excited to share some workshop ideas with you for Hand in Hand Festival 2024. Please keep in mind that these are not confirmed workshops but represent what could potentially take place. Kindly rate these workshop ideas from 1 heart (not interested) to 5 hearts (very interested) to let us know your preferences. Your feedback will help us create an enriching experience for everyone:

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Promote diversity and inclusivity within choirs by training leaders and committees.
Develop music reading and interpretation skills, including sight reading and harmonising.
Explore music theory, strengthen vocal skills, and improve breath control.
Develop inclusive choir structures and enhance ensemble dynamics.
Master techniques for learning, retaining, and performing specific songs.
Incorporate movement and dance into performances for added engagement.
Strengthen choir communities through communication exercises and effective strategies.
Facilitate inclusive singing experiences for participants with disabilities.
Enhance singing skills, explore vocal styles, and boost confidence on stage.
Build performance confidence and manage pre-show anxiety.

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