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We can’t wait to welcome you to Bristol


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Visitor Day Pass

Join us for a day of inspiration, connection, and unforgettable moments at the Hand in Hand Festival! Experience the magic with access to vibrant performances and a community that welcomes everyone. Don’t miss out—grab your day pass and be part of something extraordinary!

T-shirt deadline extended

Order before 7pm on Wednesday 24 July.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our official festival t-shirt, designed with love every Hand in Hand Festival participant. For the price of just £12.50, this isn’t just a tee – it’s a statement of unity and sustainabilty.

Latest News

Join our Scratch Choir

We’re inviting LGBTQ+ people and allies to join in with community singing in a brand-new choir we’re making from scratch….

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Can I take a carer or support worker with me?

Absolutely! We are committed to making Hand in Hand Festival Bristol 2024 as inclusive as possible.

How do I register my partner?

We will open for sale of supporter/day tickets later this year.

Can I volunteer for Hand in Hand Festival 2024?

Oh yes you can!

A wonderful chance for the LGBTQ+ community to come together and celebrate our lives, music and friendship through song.

Festival participant

Our Team

Get ready to be wowed! We’ve gathered a fantastic team of amazing individuals from various LGBTQ+ backgrounds right here in Bristol. Behind the scenes, we’re putting in the effort to make sure every aspect is flawless for a festival experience that will truly impress you! Keep an eye out – this is going to be an extraordinary event!

And guess what? Beyond our core team, we also have dedicated volunteers working on specific tasks behind the scenes.


Festival director



volunteer coordinator


Inclusion coordinator




Creative director


Communications Coordinator