Payment Options

We’re thrilled to offer a range of choices to make your festival experience as accessible and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re a performer or part of a choir, we have the perfect option for you. Choose what suits you best and join us in celebrating unity and diversity through music, art, and connection.

Performer Registration Options

Performer Early Bird Standard

Bank Transfer

Secure your spot at the festival with Early Bird Standard pricing, perfect for budget-conscious attendees.

Pay now

Choose convenience and pay online with your credit or debit card.

Pay in 3

Enjoy Early Bird Standard pricing while spreading your payment over three manageable monthly instalments.

Pay in 5

For a more extended payment plan, opt for Early Bird Standard and spread the cost over five months.

Performer Early Bird Concession

Bank Transfer

Participants eligible for the concession rate can choose this bank transfer option.

Pay now

Quick and easy online payment for Early Bird Concession registrants.

Pay in 3

Spread the cost of your Early Bird Concession registration over three months.

Pay in 5

Enjoy Early Bird Concession pricing while extending your payment over five months.

Please note that all payments, except for bank transfers, will incur a processing fee of £1. If you choose to pay online with a credit/debit card, the processing fee will be a flat £1. In the case of installment plans, the processing fee will be calculated as 3 x £1 for the 3-month plan and 5 x £1 for the 5-month plan. We want to be fully transparent about these fees so that you can make an informed choice that aligns with your budget and preferences. Bank transfers, however, do not carry any processing fees, providing a cost-effective option for those who prefer this payment method. If you have any questions or require further clarification about the processing fees, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support team. Your satisfaction and understanding are essential to us.

Choir Registration Options

We encourage choirs to embrace the convenience of online payment. It’s a simple and efficient way to secure your registration quickly, ensuring that you have a guaranteed spot at the Hand in Hand Festival. When registering your choir, please indicate your payment preference, whether it’s online payment or receiving an invoice. This way, you have the flexibility to choose the payment method that best suits your choir. However, if you have any specific questions or need assistance with this selection, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to ensure your registration process is as smooth and tailored to your needs as possible. Your satisfaction and ease of registration are our top priorities, and we’re here to assist in any way we can.

Micro Choir

Register your Micro Choir under the standard category to participate in the Hand in Hand Festival.

Small Choir

Small Choirs can register under the standard category to join us at the festival.

Medium Choir

Medium-sized choirs can register under the standard category to join the festival.

Large Choir

Large Choirs are welcome to register under the standard category, and we’re excited to have you at the festival.

Join us in spreading kindness at the Hand in Hand Festival.

Consider supporting our “Pay It Forward” initiative, directing your generosity to our Inclusion Fund. This fund aids those facing financial hurdles to attend our festival. Your contribution, regardless of the amount, helps create opportunities for bursaries and ensures accessibility for all. You can choose any amount to give; the suggested £45 is entirely optional. Your kindness can make a meaningful difference in someone’s life, allowing us to continue inspiring, connecting, and spreading positivity.